Healthy Foundation Kit

With Full Range of Vitamins
Vegetarian Softgels, Plant-Source Capsules
The Ultimate Combination of Foundational Health Essentials*

Featuring plant-source DHA, a variety of organic greens, and a stellar combination of botanical ingredients that offer multiple vitamins and minerals, our Healthy Foundation Kit features key nutrients to support your overall health and wellness.* Quantum Plant DHA is rich in omega-3 fatty acids to promote superior brain, eye, and heart health.* Quantum Plant Multi-Vitamin offers full body support with immune factors with a comprehensive, plant-based blend of vitamins and minerals for high bioavailability.* Quantum Greens Caps is a “get your greens” formula with a full spectrum powerhouse of nutrient-dense greens and grasses.*

Healthy Foundation Kit includes:
1 bottle of Quantum Plant DHA
1 bottle of Quantum Plant Multi-Vitamin
1 bottle of Quantum Greens Caps

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Healthy Foundation Kit

Product Benefits

Quantum Plant DHA

  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Promotes superior brain, eye, and heart health*
  • Derived from a plant-based source – non-GMO microalgae (not fish)

Quantum Plant Multi-Vitamin 

  • Over 39 trace minerals*  
  • A complete array of essential vitamins and minerals to support cardiovascular, brain, immune, bone, pH balance, mood and vibrant health and wellness*
  • Contains zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, garlic extract, and reishi for immune support*

Quantum Greens Caps 

  • Your daily “get your greens” formula: a full-spectrum powerhouse of organic, nutrient-dense greens and grasses
  • Complete, super nutrition greens with Power Grass-Plus Blend™ and Power Greens Blend™
  • Gluten-free; soy free; non-GMO; organic ingredients

Quantum Plant DHA 

A revolutionary form of plant-source DHA from high quality, pure plant, deep sea marine algae, Quantum Plant DHA offers plant-based, carrageenan-free docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). This beneficial acid is a key component of the membranes that make up the central nervous system, concentrated in the brain and the retina of the eye. This compound is critical to the proper development of the brain and eye, including maintenance of healthy brain function. In addition, this polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid has anti-inflammatory properties, making DHA a key component for overall health and wellness.*

Quantum Plant Multi-Vitamin 

Quantum Plant Multi-Vitamin has been thoughtfully formulated to provide just one formula to take daily with the most advanced nutrients. Get your daily nutrients all in one formula – easy and simple! It provides a significant range of essential vitamins such as vitamins D3, B1, B2, niacin, B6, folate, B12, biotin, and pantothenic acid. This formula also offers a wide array of original source minerals, such as natural-source iron and magnesium from ancient peat and natural plant extracts of manganese and molybdenum. 100% of the vitamins and minerals featured in this blend are from original plant or lichen sources, including beta carotene, natural vegan cholecalciferol, natural folic acid, ancient peat minerals and natural plant extracts. Each capsule provides sustaining minerals to keep you happy and healthy every day.

Quantum Greens Caps 

This highly beneficial organic greens blend is made up of organic grasses and organic greens including barley grass, oat grass, kale, chlorella, alfalfa, cilantro, and spinach to deliver concentrated, robust nutritional support to the whole body.* The naturally occurring, essential vitamins and minerals in Quantum Greens supplies nutrients typically deficient in the Standard American Diet (SAD) based on high acid, nutrient-empty foods. Instead, plant-source minerals from greens naturally support the healthy alkalinity of the body. Quantum Greens is a gluten-free, nutrient-dense blend featuring an array of delicious, pristine greens.

Healthy Foundation Kit

Please see label images above, or product page for each item in kit, to view full ingredient details.

Each serving includes the following:

  • Quantum Plant DHA
  • DHA (Docasahexaenoic acid from algal oil) 200 mg

  • Quantum Plant Multi-Vitamin
  • Organic Plant SuperBlend 976 mg
  • Immune PhytoMax 324 mg
  • Organic PhytoGreens 144 mg
  • Peak Peat Mineral Blend 93 mg

  • Quantum Greens Caps
  • Power Grass-Plus Blend™ 1,395 mg
  • Power Greens Blend™ 240 mg

Quantum Plant DHA: Take 1 softgel daily.

Quantum Plant Multi-Vitamin: Take 4 capsules daily or as directed by a health professional.

Quantum Greens Caps: Take 5 capsules daily.

Product FAQ
What are Excipients?

Excipients are binders, fillers, flowing agents and "glues" that are often NON-nutritive substances used in nutritional products. Many of these substances are HIGHLY questionable.

Why would you want to consume anything that is not nutritive, such as excipients that are often just fillers in a nutritional product? We believe it is unnecessary to take nutritional products that have questionable, potentially harmful, non-nutritive excipients.

What about tablets? Tablets ALWAYS contain excipients (that is how they are made; they cannot be made without them). Therefore, we believe it is wisest to especially avoid nutritional products as tablets.

One common example of a questionable excipient is magnesium stearate, a cheap lubricating agent. Research shows it may be immune-compromising.

What is The "Body of Light"?
Ground-breaking experiments by German biophysicist Dr. Fritz-Alpert Popp of the University of Kaiserlautern and others have demonstrated that there is a release of "light" that emanates from healthy cells, which is not normally visible to the naked eye but easily quantified by highly sophisticated German optical equipment. This radiant field or "body of light" around a molecule or human cell distinguishes living from non-living substances.
What is "The Quantum Nutrition Effect"?
Only quantum quality nutrients are capable of promoting the most rapid shift in ideal cellular resonance, we call this the "Quantum Nutritional Effect."
When do your products expire?
As an FDA-regulated facility, we operate under their rule 21CFR111, which only allows an expiration date after substantial scientific analysis has demonstrated stability to the declared expiration date. The FDA does not require expiration dating on dietary supplements because it acknowledges that there is no standardized method of analytical testing that has been agreed upon throughout the industry. Rather, a date of manufacture is located on our bottles. You can read this code (lot number) easily. It’s six digits (YYMMDD) (year month day) followed by xxxxx– (5-digit item code). So, 180321-12191 would mean Brain Support was manufactured March 21, 2018. Our bottles are flushed with an inert gas (nitrogen or argon) and an induction seal applied, so there is not any oxygen in the bottle to degrade the ingredients. Further, our products are distinguishable by our exclusive Violite® container. Violite® is an innovative, dark violet-colored, PET plastic bottle that blocks light frequencies between 450-720 nanometers, which can create radiation damage to ingredients
What is the source of your vegetable capsules?
Our vegetable capsules are made from tree fiber. The certificate of analysis verifies that no toxic solvents have been used to make our capsules. (Unfortunately, some companies do use solvent-tainted vegetable capsules to hold their ingredients.)
Do you use animal organ and glands in your products?
Harvested animal organs or glands are not used in our products for many reasons, including the risk of consuming undesirable toxins and hormones that the animal may have bioaccumulated. In contrast, we offer a complete line of organ and gland-targeting products \- without the use of animal organ/glands. Please see our products list to view our comprehensive line of these quantum quality products.
Why would the color of a capsule look slightly different from batch to batch?
Because our manufacturer sources ingredients only in their natural state, the color, texture and even odor of a product may vary somewhat from batch to batch or from season to season. Despite these natural variations, each product contains its exact formula and is rigorously tested for purity as are all of our products.
Have more questions?
Have more questions?
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