Dietary Supplement
90 Plant-Source Capsules
Promotes Healthy Venous Tone and Youthful Legs*
  • PROMOTES HEALTHY VENOUS TONE – Offers full spectrum nutrient support with notable antioxidant properties for healthy venous tone in the legs and throughout the body.* 
  • HEALTHY INFLAMMATORY SUPPORT – Contains two highly effective, biocompatible bioflavonoids, diosmin and hesperidin, to support circulatory health and a healthy inflammatory response.
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Product Benefits

Citrus-Based Circulatory Support* 

Invisi-Vein™ is a quantum-state vein support formula that supports healthy venous tone in the legs and the whole body.* It features Dio-Max, a biocompatible blend with diosmin and hesperidin. Diosmin is a bioflavonoid found in citrus fruits that may support a healthy inflammatory response and promote healthy vein function.* Our second featured ingredient, hesperidin, is a potent bioflavonoid also derived from citrus fruit, that has antioxidant-like properties, inflammatory modulating benefits, and supports healthy blood circulation due to the promotion of vasodilation.* This bioflavonoid has been researched for its potential to support circulatory and blood vessel health.* 

Together, these two powerful flavonoids support healthy venous tone in the legs and the maintenance of healthy circulation throughout the body.* Diosmin and hesperidin also provide quantum quality vein and circulatory support for the appearance of spider veins.* 

The second blend featured in Invisi-Vein™ is Dio-Pro™, a dynamic combination of colostrum and pure marine coral that supports whole-body health.* Colostrum, a nutrient-rich fluid produced after a mammal gives birth, is highly nutritious and is beneficial for whole body health.* Coral minerals offer valuable mineral support.* 

Quantum Quality Guarantee 

QUANTUM QUALITY – Doctor-formulated, nature-sourced nutritional products to empower you and your family for a lifetime. Quantum-state ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers; expertly manufactured and tested for a full range of purity and potency. 

“NUTRITION THAT REALLY WORKS” – “Ultra-pure,” high quality products manufactured and lab-tested in a world class cGMP/NSF/USP facility. Made with organic, non-GMO, gluten-free ingredients without artificial colors, flavors, fillers or stearates. 

OUR GREEN THUMB – Our “dark-green” facility is super environmentally friendly: 600+ solar panels, nontoxic paint, tile flooring, natural indoor lighting, chemical-free fertilizers, recycled packaging & more. We also help support non-profit partners.


Serving Size 3 Capsules
Servings Per Container 30

  • Dio-Max™ 1180 mg
    • Diosmin, Hesperidin [natural orange (fruit) extract (Citrus sinensis) standardized to Hesperidin min. 80%]
  • Dio-Pro™ 82 mg
    • Bovine Colostrum (milk), Marine Coral (whole)
Other Ingredients: Plant-Source Capsules (cellulose, water)

Take 3 capsules daily for the first two months. Then take 2 capsules daily thereafter.

Product FAQ
What is the source of your vegetable capsules?
Our vegetable capsules are made from tree fiber. The certificate of analysis verifies that no toxic solvents have been used to make our capsules. (Unfortunately, some companies do use solvent-tainted vegetable capsules to hold their ingredients.)
Should I take my supplements with meals or between meals?
Typically, most products can be taken with meals. For specific recommendations, please refer to the label's recommended use.
Why would the color of a capsule look slightly different from batch to batch?
Because our manufacturer sources ingredients only in their natural state, the color, texture and even odor of a product may vary somewhat from batch to batch or from season to season. Despite these natural variations, each product contains its exact formula and is rigorously tested for purity as are all of our products.
What is the Harmonic Resonance Effect?

The consequences of this stunning discovery of resonant frequencies is enormous. It is a secret key that unlocks the hidden door to why some people can quickly shift to great health \- and others can't. This discovery reveals why the ideal resonant frequency of each cell can only be sustained or regained by consuming nutrients that are also at their ideal resonant frequencies.

This dynamic interaction between the cell and the nutrient creates a highly beneficial, harmonic resonant effect in which the cell is able to ingest not only the nutritional factors but can also absorb the higher resonant frequencies embedded in the nutrient.

What is "The Quantum Nutrition Effect"?
Only quantum quality nutrients are capable of promoting the most rapid shift in ideal cellular resonance, we call this the "Quantum Nutritional Effect."
How do you source your ingredients?

Our manufacturer selects its ingredients based solely on purity and quantum resonance from qualified, trusted leaders and suppliers throughout the world. To determine which are truly premier ingredients, they also use bioenergetic testing, a specific testing kinesidogical system that allows identification of quality nutrients that meet our bioenergetic criteria.

All of our ingredients are tested for purity and species identification by our own in-house microbiological and biochemical labs and by independent laboratories. Each of our ingredient suppliers must meet our rigorous testing criteria as well as our stringent 4-polarity testing criteria to qualify as a supplier.

When do your products expire?
As an FDA-regulated facility, we operate under their rule 21CFR111, which only allows an expiration date after substantial scientific analysis has demonstrated stability to the declared expiration date. The FDA does not require expiration dating on dietary supplements because it acknowledges that there is no standardized method of analytical testing that has been agreed upon throughout the industry. Rather, a date of manufacture is located on our bottles. You can read this code (lot number) easily. It’s six digits (YYMMDD) (year month day) followed by xxxxx– (5-digit item code). So, 180321-12191 would mean Brain Support was manufactured March 21, 2018. Our bottles are flushed with an inert gas (nitrogen or argon) and an induction seal applied, so there is not any oxygen in the bottle to degrade the ingredients. Further, our products are distinguishable by our exclusive Violite® container. Violite® is an innovative, dark violet-colored, PET plastic bottle that blocks light frequencies between 450-720 nanometers, which can create radiation damage to ingredients
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