Stress Less Kit

Do you find yourself high-strung during the day? Is it affecting your mood and energy levels? Help prevent fatigue, mental burnout, mood irregularities, and low energy with this superstar duo.* 

  • Natural High-Quality Sleep*
  • Mental Tranquility*
  • Optimal Relaxation*

Value: $45.36

Sale Price: $36.29

20% OFF


Quantum Stress Support

An outstanding blend of natural adaptogenic herbs, plants that have the special ability to help the body “adapt” to its needs, including day-to-day stress, mood regulation, and hormone support.*

  • Comprehensive multi-botanical formula to support fatigue and mental burnout*
  • Promotes the adaptogenic process for moderating occasional mental and physical stress*
  • Supports key brain chemicals that help regulate mood*
  • Features the impressive botanical adaptogens: Rhodiola rosea root, Eleuthero root (Siberian Ginseng), and Organic Maca Root

Qultured B12

Can help support energy, memory, mood, homocysteine modulation, neurological function and whatever else life throws your way!*

  • Made with our signature probiotic-fermentation technology
  • Contains methylated co-enzymes of Vitamin B12
  • Supports healthy energy levels*


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